Most common ailments that affect employees

As our lives become ever more dynamic, more often than not, we neglect our health in order to get the job done. The pursuit of profit and better productivity results in a wide variety of ailments that affect the employee.

These can differ in severity, but the fact remains that employees are using a leave of absence more than ever before – costing employers large amounts of money in healthcare and opportunity costs.

Here are some of the most common ailments that affect employees.

Common Cold and Flu

Cold and flu are the most common illnesses that affect employees in any sector. They cause a variety of symptoms, including a runny nose, fever, and malaise. As they are infectious diseases, the affected employees take several days off work to rest and heal.


Another ailment that decreases worker’s productivities is a headache. Most headaches are transient and are easily treated with painkillers.

However, the underlying causes for headaches can differ in severity, from the high-stress working environment, bad posture, lack of air conditioning, lack of rest, to more serious ones like tumors.

Neck Pain, Back Pain

Neck and back pain is a common complaint among white-collar workers. This is often the consequence of a prolonged sitting in a bad posture, slouching and lack of exercise. Employees spend inordinate amounts of money on painkillers to deal with this problem, risking other medication-related issues.

To tackle this, employers and companies provide areas in which the employees can stretch out or enjoy a physical activity – such as a running track, or ping pong. This not only reduces healthcare-related costs but also increase the worker’s productivity in the job.

Stomach Related Problems

The stomach is one of the most sensitive organs when it comes to the accumulation of stress. The psychosomatic effects of stress oftentimes manifest as stomach problems – costing companies valuable time. Furthermore, a bad diet can cause or exasperate problems in the digestive tract.

This is the reason why many companies and corporations employ nutritionists which tailor the worker’s diets in order to increase their productivity and quality of life.


One of the most debilitating psychological conditions, depression costs the economy billions of dollars, annually. Many experts name depression as one of the worst detriments to productivity’ nowadays.

Depression affects employees of all sectors. While some people have a genetic predisposition to depression, most of the time the reasons are environmental – bad familial and professional relationships, dissatisfaction with the working conditions, job insecurity, chronic stress, alcohol and drug abuse, to name a few.

Additionally, if left untreated, it can result in suicide – Which is currently the 10th leading cause of death in the US,
especially among young, able and productive workers.


3Alongside depression, obesity is the most common long-term thatwill affect employees. In recent years, the problem has turned into a national health crisis. The damage obesity causes are twofold, employees suffer from reduced productivity and bad quality of life – and employers pay significantly higher worker’s compensation claims.

Furthermore, obesity is a number one risk factor for other serious diseases like diabetes and coronary heart disease – which devastate the workforce across the nation. To tackle obesity, employers, health experts, and the government are taking steps to promote healthy, stress-free lifestyle and working conditions in an effort to curb its negative effects.