Ingredients That You Should Not Find in Your Protein Powder

Proteins are the building blocks of tissues. They are the main nutrient for building lean muscle mass and the prime source of energy. Because of this crucial role of protein to our bodies, we should make sure that we get the right amount of this nutrient every single day. The amount of protein may differ from person to person because of their varying health goals.

One of the most efficient ways of how we can ensure that we are taking the amount of our daily protein needs is through a protein powder. Protein powders are powdered proteins that serve as dietary supplements. With this protein supplement, we can be able to efficiently track down our intake of protein according to our health goals.

When you are trying to gain lean muscle, enhance tissue repair, or lose weight, powdered proteins can give you a safer and more reliable result. Choosing the right brand without the following ingredients that may negate desired results should be your top priority before buying.


fitWhen choosing the ideal protein powder, you should go for protein powder supplements. This is to eliminate the possibility of added sweeteners that may contain high amounts of sugar. Because sugar is glucose in itself, you may not be able to shed your fats and have toned muscles as efficiently as you want. Glucose is a compound that is absorbed by cells and may be stored for a long time, making it difficult to shed it off from our tissues even with the most strenuous exercises.

Carbs are rich in glucose, so any form of glucose should not be found in your protein powder. But because carbohydrate is also an essential nutrient for the body, we can get our carb needs from other sources but not from our protein powder.


Gluten can trigger fatigue and weight gain, which may be directly opposed to your health goal of more energy while burning fats. You may also have gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance, which can cause some health problems. By having a gluten-free protein powder, you are making sure that you are not compromising your health from these ill-effects of gluten.

protein powderGenetically Modified Organisms

All protein powders should be made from natural ingredients. Whether genetically modified organisms or GMOs are beneficial or hazardous is not yet supported by some clinical evidences. So to be safe, powder protein should be made from the purest and high-quality ingredients.

Hormones and Steroids

Hormones and steroids may help us to attain a leaner and more toned physique. But until now, their safety is still a controversy.